i2s has developed a wide range of implementation, training, and consulting services to meet your unique requirements and ensure the efficiency of our products.

iMaint READY – TO – RUN

Large organizations with complex processes often require advanced implementation services to meet their needs.

Our expert consultants can do all the work for you! In cooperation with your staff, they can conduct an analysis of your environment and organizational structure, collect and record your data, make suggestions for improving your processes and performance and deliver our solutions ready-to-run in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Customer Support

groupIn i2s we believe in customer satisfaction. We provide all the tools for hassle free after sale support, problem solving, and new feature requests, including direct phone support and remote desktop. You are always welcome to contact our existing customers and ask their opinion about our service!

Training services


We consider training as a very important factor of success. That’s why we provide to our clients powerful, comprehensive and well planned training services.

I2s trainers customize the training to your specific needs and priorities to help you become acquainted with our systems and fully utilize their functionalities.

The training courses include besides illustrated presentation of system functionalities, assistance on how to  accomplish day–to–day operations and improve your workflow and work processes.


I2s offers a full range of consulting services provided by consultants who have experience in project management and maintenance management as well. These advanced consulting services might include:

• Advanced implementation of our systems (ready-to-run)
• Recommendations for improving workflow and work processes
• Recommendations for improving your maintenance operations (e.g. template PM tasks etc) Data entry All these services are customized to fit the needs • and requirements of each client.
• Data entry