About Us

i2s has been established on 1997. We are a high-tech company specialised in the area of software technology. Our mission is to develop and deliver innovative software technology that helps businesses become more competitive. Our consultancy and training services assist our clients to put this technology to work.

Software solutions

We activate in the development of software products and the provision of integration services. i2s uses its software engineering expertise to evaluate, develop, apply and manage information technology that benefits businesses and supports their activities.

We provide software solutions in a range of application domains:

  • Aquaculture management
  • Maintenance management
  • Service management
  • Quality management & quality improvement

In each of these application domains, our solutions are based on advanced software engineering technology and process.

Advanced Technology

The state of the art technologies in the development are used: multi-tier, WCF, parallel programming, ORM. The choice of technology e.g. (DBMS) is open to the customers’ needs and wishes.


We offer high quality consultancy services for the application or integration of our products.

Research and development

Research and Development is essential for the competitiveness of our company. Our participation in R&D projects supported by the European Union enables us to develop new, innovative solutions oriented towards the needs of the new economy.


Our client base includes enterprises and organizations from all over the world: Greece, Spain, Portugal, France, Poland, Netherlands, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Ghana, Suriname, United States, Canada, Mexico, etc.