Welcome to i2s website

We are a high-tech company specialized in the area of software technology, business intelligence, data analytics and IoT. Our mission is to develop and deliver innovative solutions that help companies to lower production costs, increase profitability, improve operational efficiency and carry out business in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way.


We provide solutions for:

  • Aquaculture and blue economy. We help companies increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve quality and produce in a sustainable, environmental-friendly way. Our vision is to contribute to the transformation of aquaculture from experience-based to knowledge-based

  • Efficient asset and maintenance management, improved equipment performance, reduced maintenance and operating costs

  • Management of service activities, improved field efficiency and productivity, service cost reduction and increased competitiveness
  • High performance data acquisition and control systems that are easy to use, flexible and modular
  • Business intelligence. We help our customers to make informed business decisions, achieve a greater level of management control, and optimize growth and yield efficiency
  • Data Analytics services using a fully managed cloud service that combines descriptive statistics and machine learning technologies

We invest in technology and develop systems that benefit businesses and support their activities.